FAQ – SudStar Carwash



What is you most popular car was package?

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Are there discount coupons available ?

Yes we try out best to provide with the best deal.

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When do you close?

Hours vary by location, click the link below to view all hours of operation.


How long does a carwash typically take?

The time it takes to thoroughly wash your car depends on two factors: how busy the wash is, and how many employees on duty that day. On a typical day, Exterior Washes will take upwards of 10 minutes, where Full Service Washes will take upwards of 20 minutes. On especially busy days, the time may double. If you are concerned about your time, you may wish to call the location of your choosing.

What time of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit card providers and cash.

How is a professional car wash more environmentally friendly?

Driveway and parking lot washing can waste valuable gallons of water and pollute lakes, rivers and streams, as the runoff water contains harmful chemicals that will enter waterways through storm drains. In contrast, professional car washes manage water usage, collect and treat waste water, route remaining effluent to treatment facilities, and utilize water recycling technologies to keep cars and the environment clean at the same time. The nearly 1,500 WaterSavers® car washes worldwide are committed to meeting strict criteria to help protect the environment.